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Just kind of a thought about why He is a stable place. We’ve talked about this before, but a way to look at the created universe is that (Are you all familiar with the book Flat Lands that talks about the “Line” being shocked at the third dimension and so on?) If you think of this created existence as the third dimension and time, Chronos, as the fourth dimension… You know, time devours molecules. It devours wood and trees and painted fences. Time devours galaxies. Time has authority over the third dimension. Everything about you, unfortunately, in some regards I suppose, everything about you in the third dimension is devoured by the fourth dimension.

God has kind of created everything in layers that are a little hard to comprehend. But if time is a created entity (Titus 1), and prayer would then be and perhaps the angels in the fifth dimension, with control over the fourth and third dimensions; and God being in a dimension on His own. I mean, the mystery of the incarnation being the sixth dimension came and lived under the authority of the third dimension and fourth dimension: time. He grew older from age 12 to age 33. You know, His body began to decay and then of course the Romans and the religious guys sped that process up.

But if you understand the layers of creation through whatever labels you need to put on them: being, perhaps the third dimension, the fourth dimension of time, the fifth dimension of prayer. If you understand that access, then you’re not going to think of prayer as being just some way to meditate and calm your heart and make yourself peaceful, as if it has something to do with you. But if God created prayer, the incense in heaven, to be something that has control over the third dimension and the fourth dimension, that’s a pretty intriguing motivator to pray more. Right?

If you’re capable of generating something inside of your own heart and spirit that God allowed you to do—which is to offer words to Him in the fifth dimension, something that’s far beyond just your own little psyche—then you might be motivated to pray more. It’s a weapon. You know, the “weapons of righteousness in the left hand and the right.” The sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, that is a weapon in the fifth dimension. The Gospel is the power, the dynamite unto salvation. It’s not just a third dimensional object that you read about in your bible. But there’s actually a power and a life, a force, an entity that has substance in the unseen world.

I think we’ve all kind of been trained through little stories that you read about when you’re growing up about ghosts or whatever. “Well, I’m in the third dimension and a ghost, and the boogie-man in the closet or under the bed, that’s also the third dimension, it’s just invisible. It’s just kind of in my world, but it’s just invisible. And then angels, they’re just kind of invisible, but they’re really in our world.” Well, the reality is the principalities and the powers in heavenly realms, obviously is how the Scripture describes them, it’s not really in our dimension per se. And so, when you’re talking about who we are and what our spirit and our soul are and what our part is in this universe, what it means to be born a second time, to be regenerate, when you’re understanding it in a little bit deeper viewpoint then just “I believe in Jesus and therefore because I gave my life to Him in the third dimension, therefore I’m saved and then someday I’ll go to heaven.” All of that stuff may be sort of, kind of true, but it doesn’t motivate you really to pray because your prayer is just an argument with the wind.

You know, “Is God going to agree with me or disagree with me? Well, I guess that depends on whether I’m thinking of this correctly and have the right motives. If I do it enough…you know, knock and keep on knocking. Ask and keep on asking. Seek and keep on seeking. If I do it enough then I’ll annoy this God that’s some place way out there. Not because He’s my friend, but because of my persistence He’ll do what I ask, maybe, maybe He won’t.”

I mean, if you view everything in just existing in this seen world dimension, you’re going to make some serious mistakes in terms of how motivated you are and how much faith and force you have in the things that you do and the way you see life, the way you see angels, the way you see the Gospel: the power of salvation. How you see the Gospel and a discussion of the Blood of Jesus—is it really based on your reasoning or is it based on a force and a power and a life and a substance that far exceeds your ability to reason and your persistence or your courage to say something? Do you understand that what you say and do in the unseen world, whether it’s through prayer or through the Gospel, actually is a force that exceeds even the knowledge and the power of the angels, let alone your own knowledge or your own cleverness or your own ability to memorize scripture and persuade someone against their will.

You have to understand that we have weapons that are of a different dimension—that even surpass time. “The sun stood still.” Did it, or didn’t it? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, right? Because of some greater force than time… Was it just the geometry of the galaxy decided to hiccup for a moment? Or perhaps something in another dimension, this thing called time, was superseded by another dimension and prayer and the hands being lifted and God hearing from the sixth dimension and having dominion through the fifth, through the fourth, down into the realm of the third.

If you understand who we are and who God is and the unbelievable chasm of dimensions between those existences and then the privilege of being able to pray in your spirit—you’re created a little lower than the angels, but you’ll judge angels. See, God allowed us to pass through the different dimensions and it’s not just the difference between a puppy dog and you is some level of consciousness and then God has some level of consciousness that’s just a little bit greater than yours, and He just happens to be invisible to the naked eye and the frequencies of the human eye. It’s way past that. It’s into a different issue of dimensions and authority.

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