Raising the Question About Xmas


Hi, thanks. Of course it’s hard to know “which” is scholarly and accurate, since the author had his own agenda to embrace a holiday — even though the BIBLE would indicate that neither of Jesus’ brothers endorsed (James and Jude) “christmas” or their brother’s birthday in December or any other time, His mother (present in the upper room, and part of their lives) never led the disciples to recognize her son’s birthday or christmas, Peter (the one Catholics purport to be the first pope against all Authority to the contrary) never taught or practiced any such christmas, John, “the one whom Jesus loved” had 60 years of Bible Writing to mention or teach regarding christmas but did not, Paul wrote 2/3 of the New Testament by the Holy Spirit, much to Beginners ;) who needed to know everything, and instead of mentioning or practicing christmas he said, “I fear I’ve wasted my time on you because you’re observing special days and special seasons,” and Doctor Luke, the scientist recording accurate history “Oh Theophilus” for 30 years…. It is simply and utterly impossible that Jesus own mother and brothers, all His best friends, and the Holy Spirit’s History and Teaching would have “missed” the flesh parade called Christ-mas that uses Jesus’ Name in vain in violation of even the Ten Commandments. It simply is the fabrication of fallen men who wanted to continue the demon-celebration of Saturnalia. So, even our dearly beloved Spurgeon, with his clergy collar as he presided over Protestant mass on Sundays, can’t really reWrite history and the Scriptures to please his flock and culture and protect his “reputation” in London—regardless of which quote is more accurate. :) Perhaps at “the second mass” “the second service” when he repeated his “sermon” he added “Jack Frost”—who knows. :) But, the point is not really his to make or remove, since the history, the Biblical issue, and the dark fruit, as well as God’s Anger at His Name being used in vain all make the offensive nature of Saturnalia having Jesus’ Name on it an amazingly easy thing to decipher for the unbiased.

Thanks for writing. And, since people send quotes from all over the world, it is challenging to check them and find them in many locations, and then another place insists that the other locations are incorrect. It’s confusing. :) But, fortunately if the Bible is the Standard, that’s not changing and certainly will never support the existence of, practice of, or spirit of Saturnalia with Jesus’ Name stuck vainly upon it—and the “Christmas” word and idea used by those who mock Jesus by their self-centered daily lives and language and practices. It is certainly worth raising the question with something near 1/3 of US retail sales happening at this “Name in vain” season, wouldn’t you say? ;) Thanks….


noun: treated as sing. or pl.

the ancient Roman festival of Saturn in December, which was a period of general merrymaking and was the predecesor of Christmas.


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