I was wondering, and have never done this over the internet, but how do I get to know you guys? Like, just how to start a relationship? That’s all.

Hi : ) There isn’t actually any “way” to start a relationship, per se… : ) If you read “Green Beret Brotherhood,” written to some Saints in another place years ago, you’ll see what I mean. It’s about co-Laboring, rather than pursuing or having relationship. Maybe that’s what you meant, and we just didn’t get that far yet. : ) But, I need to say it anyway. Real-ationships are about co-Laboring in the Lamb, risking for Him, rather than the product of pursuing or having relationship. There is nothing about “self” that captures Father’s imagination or heart. And, of course, that’s the root of most folk’s “desire for relationship”—it’s for me (I’m lonely, I’m excited about the “move of God,” I want, I need, my children want, my children need, I, I, me, me, they, yea but). As noble as that sounds to OUR ears, it’s not about “us” if God is to be interested in Joining Himself to it all. That’s just how Father “works” in such matters. SO, practically, that would mean that IF you were in a position where there were Real things “at stake” and you were risking for the Lamb, and questions would arise from THAT, and some mutual laboring and “equipping for works of service” would take place… “relationships” would then organically form, around the Son. IF all of that was Dad’s idea. : ) “Unless the Lord builds the House, its builders build in vain.” Does that make sense? : ) That would be true about whether or not anyone can have any REAL relationships—even locally, where they live—as well as across the miles. Relationships must be all about HIM and what’s His (rather than for ourselves), or it’s a placebo. Any relationship that is not formed on THIS basis, co-Laboring for Him and “equipping” and prayer about REAL issues that are currently at stake FOR OTHERS (not self), will be like trying to hold on to a fistful of water. The “relationships” born of less than this will eventually leak between our fingers. The tighter we grab on to that fistful of water, the less true Relationship we will have with anyone worth having a relationship with. Relationship is never our Goal—it is the product and outcome and Fruit of “seeking FIRST His Kingdom” and all that is His—for HIS sake. Know what I mean? : ) We can talk more about all of this, after you read the “Green Beret Brotherhood,” if you want : ) Love in Him…
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