Right Here, Right Now!

Living the Anointed Life with Jesus and Each Other: Where We've Been Going and Where We're Going

From the Garden until now, men and women have been hiding from God, and religion has been one of their favorite hiding places. But God is now calling men and women to lose themselves and find Him again! Through His Son and in His ekklesia, God is offering us Himself - not a religion of rituals and words in "special" places at "special" times, but an intimacy and friendship - right here and right now.


  1. Paradise Lost: Life Without God
  2. God's Perfect Religion
  3. Paradise Regained: Life With Jesus!
  4. The Early Church: Life With Jesus, Continued
  5. The Next Generation: Gravity's Tug
  6. Paradise Forgotten: Christianity Gets Religious
  7. Christendom At The New Millennium
  8. Right Here, Right Now!


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