Grab A Hold of the Good Stuff


  1. Grab A Hold of the Good Stuff
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I’m not talking about things that come naturally or come easily. But if you can grab hold of not just getting rid of the lies, but grab hold of the good stuff and renew our minds and thinking according to the good stuff, we are going to encounter things that have seldom been encountered on planet Earth in the 6,000 years it has been inhabited. Because these are truths that are very seldom applied in peoples’ lives. It’s not even just a matter of knowing about them or having the quality of life to be able to sit and talk about them. It’s what we DO about them that is going to make the difference between fabulous living and eternal glory in the inner man, versus being battered by every circumstance that comes along, just like all the pagans are. It’s a quality of thinking and applying of the true things that determines our level of peace and joy and fulfillment, in addition to uprooting the lies that present themselves pretty regularly.

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