Pray for Your Friends


  1. Pray for Your Friends
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Father we want you to really pay special attention right now, and extend your hand of mercy, and bring gifts by extending your hand and touching our brothers and sisters that are in this city and around the world. We ask you our God that you would fill up our brothers and sisters, people that truly call on your name and desire deeply to know you and to experience you and emanate you - to be clean from the world and the things of the world and to put their trust in you. We ask Father that you would extend your mercy and your love to them right now wherever they are. Please be with our brothers and sisters now. Take it from the realm of words and some people with even less than words. Please take it from the natural and explainable and intellectual to a realm of your love for them and your supernatural attention to them and their needs. Please show your mercy to our brothers and sisters now.

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