"Signs Following"


Answering an overseas question about “signs following”….

All Good insight, my friend. : ) Keep in mind though that “signs following” come in many different categories. ALL true Signs from GOD are of course discernible and obvious to those who Know Him, but not all are obvious to those who do not. WHY did He only “appear” after His Resurrection to 500 or so who ALREADY believed, and not to Herod or Pilate or Caesar or those who mocked and murdered Him? WHY? Because, His Intent is to confirm to those who care, not impress or persuade those who mock or are skeptical. “A MAN RAISED FROM THE DEAD,” Rabboni said, is of no use at all to a person with an agenda and intentional rebellion against even His most subtle Commands and Ways.

The most Impressive “signs following” are not the “natural world” kind of “signs”—any more than a good meal is as “impressive” as LOVE is in one’s life. There’s a HIGHER category, and far more Important to Jesus and those who love HIM, even if a “good meal” has some value, too. : ) “Rejoice NOT when the demons submit in My Name!” Hmmmmmmmm. That’s weird. : ) “The Sign of Jonah” is the primary, real, and utterly convincing Sign, unless we’re wicked and adulterous? NOW we’re talking. : )

Hey, I’ve seen and experienced some REALLY cool stuff, that I can “prove”—that would “qualify” as an amazing “meal” of the super-natural order (miraculous near-instant radical healings, etc). Yes, that can and does happen, and anyone who would “rule that out” or never LOOK for that somehow have severely underestimated the love, power, and creativity of our Jesus. And yet, in my heart and experience, I know that MOST of the true Fruit (Changes in lives beyond “ooooo’s and ahhhh’s) comes from the “signs following” that involve amazing Changes in LIVES—in heart and mind and circumstance and body and soul that would mean NOTHING to a pagan observer. The “man raised from the dead” things, just as Jesus Promised, never changes ANYONE who doesn’t care what “Moses and the Prophets” have already said. If the SCRIPTURES and TRUTH mean nothing to a person, then the eye and flesh candy of “a man raised from the dead” will mean nothing and change nothing, according to Y’shua, who knows all about that kind of thing.

Yes, as you said, HE is our very great Reward : ) and we love what He DOES, too, and ESPECIALLY the Miracle of Changed lives, and whatever in the natural world it takes to do that. : ) Gotta run…


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