When Something "Feels" Uncomfortable

Spiritual Truth -- for when something 'feels' uncomfortable to us, but perhaps is EXACTLY what Jesus Desires


(Note: In a religious world with a 50% divorce rate and virtually non-existent penetrating daily relationships, and “christian churches” overflowing with rampant internet sin and leaven of every kind, with hidden deep and dark sins amongst the “youth groups,” teens, the “business men,” and more...

MAYBE just MAYBE a whole heap of CHANGE is required in order to find Jesus.

Perhaps you can catch the analogy below when faced with Commands that are a bit hard to swallow, or wholly ignored and disobeyed in today’s cult-ural christianity, such as Heb.3:12-14, Acts 3:22-23, 2Tim.2:19, James 5:15-16, and John 15:1-12. 

Maybe............. “feeling comfortable” isn’t the goal?)

A “famous golf instructor” (as in, $1500 per hour of instruction), Mitchel Spearman, was addressing a student whose golf success was rather questionable, by any objective measurement. The student bristled at a particular piece of instruction he was given by Mr. Spearman. 

“But that doesn’t ‘feel’ right,” retorted the student. 

“If you knew what a good golf swing felt like, you would already be doing it. It should feel ‘different’—not ‘good’—to you.”

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