Sobering Internet Danger


A horrifying subject, but VERY important to know and let other people know, as we come in contact with folks around the world blithely and naïvely allowing hell into their homes through the Internet. Of course this isn’t just about children. The loss with Jesus is for themselves, their spouses, AND their children—on this topic, and all of the other forms of disgusting and deceiving evil and idol time with the internet. But this definitely caught my eye, as a sober reminder of WHY we are so cautious with what most people just say, “Oh, it’ll be okay. We just ‘TRUST’ them.” Trust satan’s schemes? How foolish that would be. We know how THAT works out for so many well-meaning folks who fall prey, because of lack of focus and decisiveness, and the anesthesia of “convenience” and earthly thinking and desires. Tragedies are seldom just “out of the blue”—but are the product, of course, of poor building (1Cor.3:12-17; Rom.13:14; Heb.3:12-14) all along.

But, here’s the sobering quote:

“SEVENTY PERCENT of all initial contacts now between sexual deviants and children occur on the Internet.”

—Judge Sam Katz of San Antonio, who handles sex offenses in the Bexar County District Court
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