I have a question about the spirit in man. We are made up of body, soul, and spirit. The spirit of man is dead until the Lord makes it alive to Him, but can it be alive too or interact with the spirit world and communicate with the powers of darkness being dead? Is it man’s spirit that is communicating with the darkness? In the garden when God removed His Spirit from man, he became spiritually dead. Does spiritually dead mean not being able to use his spirit to communicate?

You know, I’m sure there are people who THINK they can answer that question (an interesting one!) definitively. HOWEVER, it would take some assumptions and “stretching” to use the SCRIPTURES, rather than speculation to answer it absolutely. So, we really can’t “KNOW” the answer, without clear Scripture.

While it seems “reasonable” that the darkened spirit, “dead” as the Scriptures call it, perhaps “could” still be able to “communicate” with similar death objects, there is also another thing to ponder. One could also make a point that even “witchcraft” is called by the Bible (Paul, in Galatians 5) an act of “the sinful nature”—just the same as immorality and lying and temper tantrums. So then, “witchcraft” (clearly supernatural darkness and evil, and communicating with satan) is an act of the SOUL, not necessarily the spirit. The antenna for this supernatural evil of witchcraft is not the spirit (at least that’s not what it says), but is the soul—the home of self-life and pride and jealousy and ambition and lust and hatred and temper and affection and running after the world’s “stuff.” THESE things all put us in direct communication with satan and his minions by our uncrucified FLESH, our souls. As James put it, we’re “dragged away and enticed”—“by our own evil DESIRES.”

It seems at least that we “communicate” rather profoundly with satan and the empire of darkness in the spirit world... with our FLESH, our soul—our earthly desires and un-repented of sin. That’s why Jesus said that the vast majority of people, even most religious people (Mat.7) would go to the place “prepared for the devil and his angels.” Perhaps they didn’t THINK they were in communication with satan and the supernatural world of darkness (“I just wanted to do what *I* wanted to do!”), but because of their unrelenting, undealt with DESIRES, and unwillingness to restrain their desires—and turn to Jesus—they WERE and ARE communicating with demons in their daily lives.

Since “speculation” isn’t my favorite thing, and to say much more about the role of our spirit on your subject would only be that, I’ll just leave it there. A sobering subject, for sure. May we drive our desires and foundation stakes DEEP into Jesus, regardless of the details. He’ll figure out the rest of that. That’s what our big Brother, and High Priest, and Messiah takes care of, no matter what the details may be. That much is NOT speculation. : ) Hallelujah. Thanks for the good question. You’re thinking! : )

Shalom to you, in His Grace,

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