A Spiritual Man/Woman


Hi, i typed this out from “Learning Under the Anointing”. I thought it might be practical to have on hand and to apply in my own life.—cindy

“Where you work, how hard you work, what time you get up in the morning, how you speak to your children, your parents, your spouse, your co-workers, what you’re willing to listen to, what you’re willing to let your eyes see, what kind of attitudes you are willing to have, what you allow to grow into affections in your heart, the slips of the tongue repented of, or not repented of, the pride of life—all those things—if you allow something other than Christ Himself to rule in your life by His Spirit—in any area about where you go, who you spend your time with, your tone of voice, what you put your hands to, where you let your feet go—if the Holy Spirit isn’t directing your steps, if you haven’t been through the Jordan, the grave, then don’t think that you are full of the Holy Spirit or that you ever will be.

The Holy Spirit is, primarily, HOLY. The Holy Spirit brings the government of God just as He did for Jesus himself. Don’t think for a minute that you’re a spiritual person if the government of God does not govern your life. That’s a contradiction! You’re not spiritual because you sway back and forth when you sing. You’re not spiritual because you know deep truths about God and can spew them on a moment’s notice. You’re spiritual because the government of God is on every word, every thought, every flicker of your eyes, and your attitudes in every way. AND you’re very quick to lay those at the feet of God as soon as you somehow grieve Him. THAT’S a spiritual person. If your jokes are crude or brash, if you’re loud, if you’re shy to a fault, if any of those things govern your life in any way, you are not a spiritual person, no matter what you say, or what you know, or where you go, or what you do. A Spiritual person (a Jesus-like person) is one who is governed by the Holy Spirit as Jesus was—and if not THAT, then nothing else has any great effect or value in FATHER’S sight. Gifts are an imaginary thing, or at least they’re very useless in the wrong hands, if you’re not governed by the Holy Spirit.


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