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On the practical side as a kingdom of priests or a nation of priests, if you happen to run into somebody--I mean it probably couldn’t happen with anybody in this room--but if you happen to run into anybody anywhere that calls themself a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, and they don’t seem to be worshipping in response to their trials--like I said I don’t think it could happen in here, but just on the slim chance somebody, just one of you maybe out of everybody, just has one bad moment--somebody next to them in the process of walking along in life be sure and encourage one another daily. As you walk along the way, just give them a little nudge and say:

“Be a worshipper. Worship in spirit and in truth. Christ dwells in your heart. He makes His home in your heart by faith, by being a worshipper. His kingdom is established in your praises. Miracles happen, and the supernatural life that’s beyond anything you could ask for or imagine happens by faith, and it powerfully works within you. If you’ll take this moment in time where you’re tempted to be crass or rude or selfish or short or to walk in unbelief or a bad mood or hurt feelings, if you’ll take this moment and offer it to God as a living sacrifice. If you’ll turn this and offer it as a gift to God and not let your tongue, not let your mind, and not let your emotions drag you down. But instead offer this as a gift to God in worship.”

If you’ll do that for whoever that may be way out there someplace that has a moment that isn’t honoring Him but instead is honoring the enemy by living in the world, if you’ll do that for whoever your brother, sister, friend, family member might be, they’ll be grateful for a long time and everybody around them will be too as they grow. And the power of God is manifested in their lives, and rivers of living water gush from them in ways they never have before.

Please take this in a practical way, and let’s encourage one another in these things in a practical way when those moments come, when we’re tempted to not turn our eyes heavenward. If it’s not practical, what is it?

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