The Bible is FROM God, but Has Not REPLACED God


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I’ve been sending Floyd’s mom and dad some things over the past months. They are very, very old fashioned church of Christ...She said in her note back to me, “I believe we are chosen when we obey and are baptized, and he adds us to the church. We don’t need any further revelation than is in the Bible.” She states that 1Cor.13: 9-10 says as much. What does that mean? I remember c of c teaching that we don’t have prophecy and speaking in tongues because of the “perfect” being the Bible, I think??? What do you think she might be referring to?


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For several reasons, there is NO chance that “the perfect” referred to in this passage could POSSIBLY mean “the Bible.” NONE. The context, the Greek, the time of the writing, parallel passages... EVERYTHING points to the fact that there is NO chance that this refers to “the Bible.” While the Bible is certainly “perfect” in that it is Inspired, the Bible ITSELF says that it is not “everything” on “every subject.” EITHER the Bible has lied, or the BIBLE is valid when IT says that the BIBLE is not the “end all.” Certainly, contradicting the Bible’s teaching on a matter would be very dangerous. But to say that the Bible is the end-all is to contradict the Bible itself! The “Treasure in EARTHEN vessels” (not gilded-edged books alone) and, “There is more to say, but you are too dull,” and, “There is more to say, but we don’t have time now,” and, “If everything Jesus did were written down, there would not be enough books in the world to contain them” are all indications (paraphrased) that God is larger than what can be contained in leather bindings, ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE ITSELF.

We can’t have it both ways. Either we believe the Bible has lied to us on this matter, or we MUST accept that the Bible is not the equal for God. “I praise you Father because you have hidden these things from the wise, and revealed them to those who are little children.” THIS is not possible, and Jesus is WRONG, if “knowing our Bible” is the same as TOUCHING GOD’S WISDOM FROM ABOVE. “You diligently search the Scriptures, thinking that by THEM you have eternal life.” That was how JESUS saw it—people were MISSING it, by focusing on the wrong thing! Were the Scriptures Inspired? Of course. I’m just sure Jesus knew that, too. : ) BUT, “the Perfect”? As I said, the context (no POSSIBILITY!), the Greek (not a chance—the gender is wrong!), the time of the writing of Corinthians, and the parallel passages—all establish that this CANNOT mean “the Bible.” No possibility. It simply is not possible. In addition, the Teachings of Jesus, Paul, Peter, the Hebrews writer, and John all negate that possibility, as some are mentioned above. For starters, you could send the above “quote”? Have fun!

Love to you, and hug and kiss the angels for me?!
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