Stability: A Steady Compass


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(Text begins about 5 minutes 30 seconds into audio.)

By way of introduction, I think it’s imperative that we understand that stability is essential in our walk with God. We can’t be people that this week we’re strong and next week we’re falling apart. This week we’re givers. Next week we have to receive because we’re laying there on the ground down for the count. We can’t be people that are that unreliable before God and men that we don’t go on about the Work of God in spite of circumstance.

No circumstance in Heaven or on earth can stop us from the task that God’s laid in front of us because it’s based on truth. It’s not based on how we feel. And we’re going to get a little more into that in just a couple of minutes. But it doesn’t have any bearing on how spiritual we feel, how happy we feel, how blessed we feel, how miserable we feel, how much in pain we feel, how unblessed we feel, how deserted by God we feel, how persecuted by men we feel, how tempted by satan we feel. That has nothing to do with it. Even this awesome temptation from satan shouldn’t thwart us from the purpose that God has put us on this earth for--the purpose that God has saved us for.

You’ve got to have those eyes that are resolutely fixed towards Jerusalem. The face set like flint. That’s got to be the issue in our hearts that NOTHING! Neither height nor depth, nor principalities nor powers, future, past, absolutely nothing will separate us from that high calling that we have in Christ Jesus. It will not stop us from laying hold of that which Christ laid hold of us, as Paul said in Philippians 3. This ONE thing I do: Forgetting what’s behind, I press on towards the mark, wrote a man who was in prison, rejected by his peers and everyone in the province of Asia deserted him. Rejected by everything and even seemingly by God himself. And yet this ONE thing I do. I forget and I press on. That’s GOT to be it. We lay hold, we apprehend, that which Christ apprehended us for. That’s the only thing that matters. And there has to be a real stability in us--a strength--an unswerving needle towards true north in order for us to function like that, for us to be useful to God.

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