The Kingdom of God is Like Jenga


I. Everyone builds something, for better or worse—one way or another.

II. It is also true that all “take”—all “have need.” And this is Good, and part of God’s Plan.

III. Nevertheless, some “take” selfishly or carelessly, as children, harming others… “Every man should be very careful how he builds.”

If we are to “Discern the Body” of Jesus—it is imperative that we See and respond to something Beyond and far Larger than ourselves.

(This Topic was discussed often and emphatically in Paul’s correspondence to the Christians in Corinth, Ch. 3, 11, 12, 13.)

The Good News, the Redemption in this Matter (Eph.3:10, Mat.16:18) is that JESUS HIMSELF will see all of this through. Surely, though, we’d each like to be a positive, building part of it?! And we each can be, by His Grace, and our empowered Obedience in Love.

And so, “Let each man take heed how he builds” on the Foundation of Jesus Christ. Every day, in every way. Amen.
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