Hold Your Place In the Living Temple


Have you ever played a building game like Jenga? It’s a tower of wooden blocks that support each other, and the object of the game is to see how many pieces can be removed without causing the tower to crumble. WELL, : ) have you ever noticed how our lives together are like that? As Jesus weaves us Together into a Living Temple, His House is at its strongest when each member is Rightly holding his or her place. Let’s say that “holding your place” means continuing on as a worshipper as Jesus defined it for us last night, with your arms outstretched in obedient submission to The King and eager anticipation of taking care of each other at His bidding. SO, to hold your place you must BE A WORSHIPPER through any weather, be ready to obey Him and help each other as we all keep reaching for HIM. On the flip side, if any of us chooses to not “hold our place” for any given period of time, there is an immediate effect upon every member that we touch, and unavoidably, upon the entire Temple. In times of weakness we can support each other’s weight for a time, but if we are choosing to neglect the “holding of our place” due to sin, then as the number of members not holding their places increases, the Temple is weakened in equal measure. Ultimately, we would be vulnerable where we should be a fortified Wall, we could be shaken when we should be immovable and insurmountable, and those who are still standing, fighting with their lives to support our weight, those who have Rooted themselves deeply in The Vine and continued to Love, may be killed by the crashing of the Temple they have lived to care for. So, let’s all HOLD OUR PLACE : ) and help each other to hold theirs too. I know I need your help. We can do it, you know?!!!!! It will be done through us according to our Faith.......!!! —ls 8:53 p.m.


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