The Relationship Between Obedience and Intimacy


Do you ever feel like you’re just not HEARING God? Find yourself making dumb mistakes, going against the grain, disconnected from the stream of God’s Life in His People and Spirit, alone, empty, fruitless, sad? Will a person experiencing such things then combat these observations with:

1) Worthless busyness, or

2) Fatal pride (“I’m doing as good as so-and-so!” )... OR

3) Humility and Repentance? THE FACT IS, ANYONE’S ABILITY TO HEAR GOD IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO WHETHER WE OBEY HIM IN THE THINGS WE *HAVE* HEARD!!! If we are disobedient with attitudes, worldly or sloppy or selfish in our perspectives of things or of others, if we’re joined to the world or the lust of the flesh in any way, if we’re lazy or unfocused or unsacrificial towards God and others... WE CANNOT HAVE AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND WE ARE MISSING THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME, 1000 TIMES OVER!!

Obey Him in the “LITTLE” things, passionately and ruthlessly, leave NOTHING hanging out there “loose” and unconsecrated... AND WATCH WHAT GOD CAN DO IN YOU AND THROUGH YOU!!!!!!!!!!! It’s YOUR choice what you make of your short lifetime!!! He LOVES you!!!!!!! Come to Him on His Ground, and BEHOLD HIM... and watch the metamorphosis take place in your foolish and stubborn flesh!!!! That’s why they call Him.... MESSIAH!! 10:07 a.m.
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