"The Trouble With Our Times..."


“The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.”

(-Nineteenth century French poet, Valery)

A brief, honest read of the Book of Revelation, replete with its Prophecies of beasts, and murderous persecution of true Christians, of darkness and chaos, of hatred, betrayals, and satanic depravity across the face of the earth…and it becomes evident immediately why most in cultural christianity despise the Cross and the Altar in favor of feigned “freedom” to ignore God’s Commands and the Life of Jesus. The cost for the Pearl is “everything,” saith the Lord of Hosts. And the “future” is very different, in this age and the age to come, depending on what one chooses at this Crossroads.

If we could only “rewrite” the future, would we have chosen as God has—what is yet to come?

Perhaps it’s all to “separate the Sheep from the goats.”

Ahhhhhhh…and then there is the Sweet Resolution for those who will dare to Overcome the hatred and lies and their flesh-animal instincts in this present age.

Sweet Resolve. : )

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