Intellect, Translations, Academic “approaches” to God? 

Not possible. “THE WORD” is a SPIRITUAL Thing!

The problem with “translations” of the Bible, whether from the Hebrew or the Greek, is simply that NEITHER “Koine Greek” nor “Biblical Hebrew” are spoken anywhere in the world today, nor have they been for generations. A “scholar” (a native Israeli scholar) who is fluent in modern spoken Hebrew—and also is trained to read “Biblical Hebrew” fluently—said recently that reading Biblical languages “is a little like an English speaker trying to read Geoffrey Chaucer.” The “English” Chaucer wrote is technically “English,” but is so uncommon to modern English-speaking peoples that it cannot be simply “read” to be understood. It’s not that easy, even if you’ve spoken English your entire life. As you attempt to “read” and understand the Chaucer graphic below, you will find that “knowing English” is not nearly enough to understand easily what is being said. Likewise, “studying Greek” or “speaking Hebrew” will not make one able to comprehend automatically what was written Originally in the Bible, no matter how “intelligent” a person thinks they may be. SCRIPTURE was never meant to be academically “mastered.” Add to THAT nearly insurmountable issue (there can BE no “perfect translation” of a language that no one alive in the last 1800 years has ever spoken) this essential Truth: GOD said that comprehending the words on the page means nothing alone, anyway—because “the carnal mind CANNOT understand” the words of God. That is what YHWH said about it, so we best trust that it’s true. : ) Meanings and applications and truths are hidden to a man or woman driven by animal flesh and pride and selfishness, because of their “darkened understanding” and the lack of “a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith.” Even those who “WANT to be TEACHERS” but live in sin... God said they “don’t know what they are talking about, or what they so confidently affirm.” As Yesu Himself put it, “I PRAISE you Father, because you have HIDDEN these things from the (self-proclaimed) ‘wise’ and Revealed them to the little children.” (1Cor.2:4-16; 1Tim.1:5-7; Mat.11:25)


If we are not willing to PRAY and OBEY, then we can never TRULY comprehend what the Scriptures even SAY! 

It’s a SPIRITUAL thing—not academic, nor intellectual, nor even religious. 

And for that, “WE PRAISE YOU, FATHER.” : )

Chaucer Excerpt In Old English


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