Romans: Triumphant Faith!

These recordings are from a succession of beautiful summer nights, in a city park environment, in a field behind a public apartment complex - reading through the book of Romans together. Loudspeaker and all. :) It was an occasion where a brother was asked by a number of others to open up his heart on Thoughts from Romans regarding Faith, Sovereignty, and Life.


Romans: Triumphant Faith! Part 1
Faith is an attitude in view of the knowledge of God. Worship is: God, YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE! There is an obedience that comes from faith; disobedience comes from unbelief.
Romans: Triumphant Faith! Part 2
'Blessed are the poor in Spirit' is the starting place to knowing the power of God in our lives. God sovereignly allows circumstances that cause us to see who we are and the wickedness inside so that we can turn to Jesus and call on Him. You cannot know who you are in God until you come to grips with the depravity of who you are.
Romans: Triumphant Faith! Part 3
Prayer is lining up our hearts with "the Father loves the Son"; that's praying in Jesus' Name. Overcoming the sin in our lives has everything to do with faith and belief. We bring nothing to the table; Jesus brings everything - a banquet.
Romans: Triumphant Faith! Part 4
We don't experience God's forgiveness because we don't ask for forgiveness. We have little testimony because we don't focus on changes and give God no rest over them. He's a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
Romans: Triumphant Faith! Part 5
The purpose of the law is to help us see sin and how weak we are; not to justify us. The law is a shadow of God; we are to go through the shadow to find the reality and in that reality be transformed into Jesus likeness.
Romans: Triumphant Faith! Part 6
Our inheritance involves living in the Spirit, making judgments in the Spirit, building relationships in the Spirit. There is a difference between God's glory being revealed to us and His glory revealed in us. Faith is the victory.
Romans: Triumphant Faith! Part 7
We must be worshipers to comprehend God's wisdom and plan, and to let God be God. God is calling us to be worshipers and expand our hearts.
Romans: Triumphant Faith! Part 8
We're all on level ground before God and a common door has been opened to each of us, to all who would call on His Name. It is not based on heritage - it was God's choice whether we were born a Jew or a Gentile.
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