Triumphant Faith!!

Romans: A Series of Teaching on Sin, Humility, Faith and Glory

The very Power of the Living God, unleashed by an abandoned Trust, Faith in His Living Word and Promises! Triumphant Faith! The Key to Life and Love and every door in the Kingdom! This is not a mere commentary on the Book of Romans, but an exploration of the heart and mind and consuming zeal of the Father for His Son, and the Bride "making Herself ready" for His Son to Retrieve. How can you be swallowed up into the Very Purposes of God for you and this planet we call Earth with its inhabitants? What did Father have in mind with His Plan for "Jews and Gentiles" and their "shadows" and their "Reality found in Christ Jesus"? Explore with us Together as an Overcomer living in abandoned Triumphant Faith!


  1. Preface
  2. Part 1: Faith That Rings Out!
  3. Part 2: Unto Deliverance
  4. Part 3: Feeling the Need for Messiah
  5. Part 4: Abraham's Footsteps
  6. Part 5: Access to the Father
  7. Part 6: The Law Satisfied
  8. Part 7: True Sonship
  9. Part 8: The Worshiper Can See It
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