Were there ANY "Unbelieving" Spouses or Parents?


Do you suppose there were ANY “unbelieving” (or even “antagonistic”) spouses or parents related to those in the “3000 in a single day added to them” bunch 2000 years ago? Do you REALLY believe that both people in every marriage abandoned the rights to their lives and decisions and dreams to Jesus on that day?

Of course not.

Did that change anything about Acts 2:42-47, as it relates to the word “ALL” in that Passage? Find the word “all” that GOD used here, and see if this Passage and Life did not apply for some reason to “all”—and God therefore made a mistake in this Passage by choosing that word. Do you think that He was mistaken?

“MY situation is DIFFERENT” right? : )

Give it some Biblical-level honest thought.

What even baby Christians knew and lived, once born into the SECOND-Birth in the Spirit of Christ…would change christianity in our world as it is currently observed and generally experienced, in one generation—if the religious world actually would take GOD at His Word, and respect and obey and love the Teachings and Commands and Life of Jesus of Nazareth whom they claim.

WOW wouldn’t THAT be something?! “That the WORLD may know……”

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