How could you ever know what is real in THIS world


So how could you ever know what is real in THIS world, post 100AD (with a bible to talk or memorize - as a substitute for Life)? Talking is easy, but...

What exactly IS Christianity?

The Gideon test: Who will pursue their own thirsts and therefore turn to look at their own reflection? Who will take their eyes off of what Matters to God, for their own purposes? Those who look at their own reflection and take their eyes off of what Matters are not who God chooses.

The “hand to the plow, looking back,” Lot’s-wife Test: see above.

The Cain test: Who is more interested in their own “image and logic” than in how God sees things, and willing to so put themselves first that nothing and no one else matters. They have all the answers and would rather kill others than admit otherwise.

The Korah Philemon Jude Saul’s-sacrifice test: What do I believe about Anointing? Is 2/3 of the New Testament “bogus” because one guy, Paul, wrote it? What is a “church”? How do you “get” one of those? Will you ever in your lifetime, or ever again, witness concentric circles - a hundred mothers, brothers, sisters around Jesus? Or will you only have the “everywhere you look” scattered individuals attending and living their own lives? Is it “information” and good intent that make that miraculous difference?

The Handkerchief, Shadow, Angels and Demons, Third Heaven, Descending Sheet Shimei Nabal Korah test: What do I believe about the New Testament God - and what matters - and what He does - and how He does it? Do I believe in the New Testament God, or do I need a “third covenant” to describe how I live, while scoffing at the Second Covenant Biblical realities?

The Part or Share Absalom Simon test: What do I believe about whether there are specific Assignments that God is in by His own plan and purpose?

What exactly is “Christ”ianity? “Anointing”ianity?

Living OUT Ekklesia is far more rare than those washed in the Blood by total abandonment to Him. But, those should be exactly the same... shouldn’t they?

Judges 7:5, Acts 5:15, Acts 27:10, 27:21-26, Acts 10:3-20, Acts 19:9-21, Philemon 6-22, 2Cor.12:2-4, Jude 1:10-23, Acts 8:21

From: SG
Date: July 28, 2016 at 1:52:38 PM EDT
Subject: The World is Changed... By Faith

THIS makes all the difference!

The World is Changed... By Faith

This is a pretty WILD thought, WELL worth mentioning: If we are to explore and live in the True Christian Life, God’s way in us is NOT just, “By the power of God, this or that can happen or did happen.” BIBLICALLY, it is OFTEN the case that the world was changed “BY FAITH.” “By faith... this or that miracle or change was accomplished!” Re-read this paragraph, and ponder the difference? “BY FAITH” nations tremble, and rains fall from the sky at the command of “a man just like us.” 8:26 p.m.
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