What (or WHO) Rrrrrrrreally Makes a man a Man?


In a depraved and bestial sense, Samuel Colt and later “the Internet”—made “all men equal.”

ANYone can now be (in a barbarous delusory way) “important”—by dominating, impressing, flattering, seducing, luring, tricking, lying, slandering, threatening, invoking fear or confusion or shame upon innocents to control them, maiming or killing others who are in their way.

Samuel Colt, years ago, and recently the Internet, have made a “big man” out of anyone who wants to be—no matter how little they really are on the inside, before God or a discerning person. The tiniest little man or woman who can point a gun or peck on a keyboard, in between cigarettes or nasty internet images, can now be “big” in a dark alley, or on a “christian” blog or discussion group or facebook.

Jesus has an entirely DIFFERENT way than a gun, or internet shroud to solve the problems of deep darkness within a man—and make them Real, and Clean, and worthy of True respect.

JESUS, if we’ll bow and place ALL before Him, can Wash and Enable ANYone to TRULY BECOME…SOMEBODY: the joy of Heaven, and the Indomitable foe of Hell.

Jesus Makes a Man! Hear ye Him. : )

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.”

It’s Real, not a game or hobby or club. Hallelujah!

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