Where Will It All Go, In Your Life?


“We covet what we see every day.” (quote from a century ago)

It is true. It is an immutable fact. “We covet what we see every day.”

And yet this “seeing” is NOT just about what your physical eyes “see,” necessarily. It’s about your heart and mind. What do THEY—your heart and your mind—“see everyday”?

WHAT do you see when you look at something or someone?! You CHOOSE to think and ponder and extrude... either drawing closer to Jesus in the process of what you choose to “see”—or ever closer to satan and his kingdom. We choose hatred, or lust, or entertainment, self-satisfaction, pleasure, fulfillment for ourselves, negativism, competitiveness, jealousy, fear, temper, pride, materialism, greed, comfort... Or we choose to look past the junk, and look past the world and its emotional and physical drug “fix”—keeping all “self” emotions and attachments totally passive and benign. Only affections toward Jesus and HIS Kingdom and Ways, non-self-serving, are allowed in our hearts. Everything good that the FATHER gives—even the love of an Isaac or baby Samuel—is held ever-so-loosely.

We can enjoy and find TRUE Life if we allow all thoughts and decisions, all emotions and expectations, all desires and relationships to be scrubbed free of SELF by the “Washing of the Water of the Word.” Choose to look at HIM continually, every day, and COVET ONLY HIM!

“We covet what we ‘see’ every day.”

It’s a test for me, for us all—but... If we go HIS Way, we will know, in time, the depth, heart, mind, personality, and character of Jesus and begin to function out of His gift in daily life in an extraordinary way that changes lives. May God give increase to THAT very small Tribe.

“Few will be those who find it”—but men will grab on to the cloak of such a one, and say, “Take us to your Leader!” Maranatha!

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