Wherever You Are, Do It Well


…i have just suffered broken fellowship AGAIN. I am married to a man who is in lukewarm relationship with the Lord. We can talk little to none about our love for Jesus and we are not seeking first His kingdom as a family. Every time i reach out to someone it ends in disaster. After years of looking for the answer on the outside i realize that most likely the changes are going to come from me, and i just am at a loss about what they are. What can i do?! Sometimes i wonder if i am just out of the game and don’t know it yet. This is not a whine session but a plea for prayer and wisdom and relationship. I don’t want to be alone!!!!


Hi……I don’t have a whole bunch to say, EXCEPT God knows exactly what He is doing!! If YOU do your BEST, and stay in the game (in your heart and head, do ALL for Him and to advance His Kingdom, regardless of the “results” or any positive feedback or gratification), then you ARE “successful”!!! That’s the Deal! Quit worrying about “broken fellowship” as if anything self-serving is the goal. OF COURSE we don’t want to be alone—but we do what we can. I guarantee you that there would be a high cost evident QUICKLY for you if you were daily around people that really know Him and represent Him well. There is just as much pain in either scenario, and the temptation to back away or hide away or strike back is going to be there in the Skandalon, regardless! Just do it well. Poise, grace, self-sacrifice, persistence, and all of the things we so admire in Him. Do it!


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