The Whole History of the Church


“The whole history of the Church is one long story of this tendency to settle down on this earth and to become conformed to this world, to find acceptance and popularity here and to eliminate the element of conflict and of pilgrimage. That is the trend and the tendency of everything. Therefore outwardly, as well as inwardly, pioneering is a costly thing.” (T. Austin Sparks)

“What is Zoe, you ask? It is a Greek word that means the Life of God. As we allow Zoe (God’s Very Life) to rule more and more in our Individual life, we will have a more and more Abundant life. True Life, Life from Heaven, can only come through death. (John 12:24). Take up YOUR cross, lose all, and you’ll find Him and Zoe in that Holy Place (Mat.16:24). Few will go. But you may, if you will.” (Glenn Gibson) 11:42 a.m.
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