Clergy and Laity Under the False Title of "Christianity"

It Allows for a Facade Security, BUT It is So So FALSE!!!!


Hey, i was reading my Glencoe World History book (McGraw-Hill), and this was a sad and revealing paragraph, but it shows how mere men think and how they attempt to “problem solve” with “organization” and hierarchy, rather than faith and love and courage and self-sacrifice without compromise and without leaven. They even admit, historians not religionists, that men CHANGED the pattern of Jesus and the apostles, because they deemed it safer for themselves:

“The Romans persecuted Christians in the first and second centuries, but this did nothing to stop the growth of Christianity. In fact, it did just the opposite, strengthening Christianity in the second and third centuries by forcing it to become more organized……Crucial to this change was the emerging role of the ‘bishops’, who began to assume more control over the church communities. The Christian church was creating a new structure in which the clergy (the church leaders) had distinct functions separate from the laity (the regular church members).” (Glencoe World History)

Part of the reason that this was so sad to find was because my book made it out like this change was a big improvement and helped eliminate persecution. It may have done the second since satan wasn’t intimidated anymore, obviously. Also, my book had “clergy” and “laity” as bold words and was making it out like it was positive thing, when in reality, it is and was a very grievous thing to God, based on its fruit and disobedience to Scripture. 

“Interestingly” enough, : (  it goes on to say that “Christianity” started to grow rapidly after this : (  Did REAL Christianity “grow” in the age of Constantine and paganized holidays and structure and leaven? 

But we can and will choose to be different, choosing to Live the way Jesus meant for his People to…!!!

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