Will YOU be "A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness"?


Will YOU be “a voice crying out in the wilderness” in this “wicked and adulterous generation” of religiously justified sensuality and worldliness? Or be digested by it?

“Whoever controls the media, controls the culture.” (Francis Schaeffer, How Should We Then Live?)

“We’re at the nexus of tremendous complexity where we need some defining principles. We need truth more today then we’ve ever needed it. No generations have ever been more manipulated than the generation that lives today—and they know it and they’re savvy and they’re adept at living in the technological environment that they feel compelled to use…

“People are responding to an array of stimuli that is simply overwhelming today. To filter that out and to protect one’s self requires a kind of understanding, awareness, discipline and resistance that’s very rare. If part of living in the modern world today means that we are going to be exposed to ideas that we find repugnant, malevolent, dark, wicked…then what do we do to challenge the predominate institutions, the predominant powers that control these images?

“We should be the great conscientious objectors who always want to return to a place of truth, to a place of vulnerability to that truth. Most people don’t really want to know the truth if it means being disappointed along the way. So…“eat, drink and be merry,” be distracted, entertained and amused to death.

“The risks of pursuing truth are TREMENDOUS. And what could be a greater adventure than to risk everything in pursuit of the One Thing that Endures? If truth isn’t worth all that, then it probably isn’t truth at all.”

(Gordon Pennington, Burning Media Group; “Focus on the Family” video quote)

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