Winston Churchill's Version of Heb. 3:12-14


Winston Churchill’s version of Heb.3:12-14….

Helping one another “pull the weeds” of “the cares and worries of the world” (so-called “small stuff” such as impatience or rudeness or selfishness) now—saves the Garden of marriages and lives (the so-called “big stuff”) later on.

Here Churchill observes, as does God: ISSUES IN LIFE CAN BE “NIPPED IN THE BUD!” if there is sufficient conviction, courage, wisdom, and love to do so—before tragedies happen.

When we have the courage to obey God in Heb.3:12-14—then Mat.16:18 would be more evident, as is the Desire of His heart.

What a great opportunity to serve Him and His!

“All the words and actions for which i am accountable between the wars had as their object only the prevention of a second World War; and, of course, of making sure that if the worst happened we won…

There can hardly ever have been a war more easy to prevent than this second Armageddon. I have always been ready to use force in order to defy tyranny or ward off ruin.

But had our British, American, and Allied affairs been conducted with the ordinary consistency and common sense usual in decent households there was no need for Force to march unaccompanied by Law; and Strength, moreover, could have been used in righteous causes with little risk of bloodshed.

In their loss of purpose, in their abandonment even of the themes they most sincerely espoused, Britain, France, and most of all, because of their immense power and impartiality, the United States, allowed conditions to be gradually built up which led to the very climax they dreaded most.

They have only to repeat the same well-meaning, short-sighted behaviour towards the new problems which in singular resemblance confront us today to bring about a third convulsion from which none may live to tell the tale.”

(Winston Churchill on “Responsible discernment and courage will save lives in the long-term that would not be saved otherwise” Heb.3:12-13. The Gathering Storm)
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