Use Your Jesus-Glasses When You Look in the Mirror


Some people work soooo hard to “feel good” or to “feel good about ourselves.” Often it is such a habit, or it comes so naturally since childhood, that we don’t even know we’re doing it.

There are some people who have been pampered or spoiled or flattered so much that they ALWAYS feel good about themselves, without even trying. It’s delusional, but pride-arrogance-vanity does happen.

And then there are those who wallowed for so long in the pig dung of self-loathing, comparison, judgment, envy, and self-pity that all they see in the mirror is a quitter-loser. Every zit in the mirror weighs five pounds. “Why can’t I be like everyone else?”

As we put on and calibrate our Jesus-Glasses, they are NOT virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). They are SR, SPIRITUAL-REALITY GLASSES.

VR, virtual reality glasses put you in a different place. You could be in Candyland or the middle of a war. It’s a fantasy and game, fake reality. When you put on Jesus-Glasses you are NOT living in a fantasy or fake world.

AR, augmented reality glasses, take the physical world and add labels and pictures to it. You could walk down the street wearing AR glasses and see the names of the streets, the names of the buildings, how many people work in those buildings, the Social Security numbers of the people you pass on the sidewalk, or however the software was set up. You see the physical world, but it adds tags and labels and more information to assist with dishwasher machine repairs, major surgery, or just interesting factoids. That is also NOT what Jesus-Glasses do. Jesus-Glasses are NOT providing you with more horizontal x and y-axis information (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil). But rather Jesus glasses see LIFE or absence of Life or threats to Life.

SR, Spiritual-Reality Glasses, are submission to the Spirit of God in total. We only see what Jesus sees when we look into a room, or into a stadium, or walk through a field. We hear nothing we don’t hear the Father saying. It is the translation of all the noises around us interpreted through God. We see nothing the Father isn’t seeing. We do nothing the Father isn’t doing. We respond to the environment around us through His eyes rather than our own flesh desires, or interpretations, or fears, or lusts, or pride. This is where we want to live: “the full measure of the stature of Christ.” Eph.4:11-17

See the world through God's eyes

SPIRITUAL-REALITY GLASSES don’t see human perceptions when they look in a mirror. If someone has “put on Christ” and been “Clothed with Christ” and been “Washed in the Blood of the Lamb,” then when they look in the mirror they see a score of 100% A+.

Beyond that, they only wish to NOT draw attention to themselves in how they look and how they act. And they certainly do not wish to bend other’s perceptions of them in hopes of being liked or admired, looked at physically or emotionally, or envied or feared or respected. So they silence the brain radio noise that says, “They LIKE me,” “They hate me!” “They respect me!”

With our SR Glasses, our Jesus-Glasses on, when we peer into our mind-mirror or our mirror-mirror-on-the-wall… we only look outward and upward!

We look in the mirror and See what He sees. We see that we are a Vessel to See and help bring redemption and/or n+1+1+1 to all those whom we can ONLY NOW SEE because we refused to look any longer at our flesh-self and emotion-self.

Explore the True Universe with Joy and Courage! You’ll have SO much more time and energy to do that now!

See the world through God's eyes

A child’s summary:

We want to live in the place where we only see, hear, and do what our Father in Heaven is seeing, hearing, and doing. And we want others to do the same.

This includes how we view ourselves. We only want to see what God sees when we look in the mirror.

This includes how we want other people to see us. We only want others to see us the way the Father Sees us. So we never want to try to change or bend how people see us in hopes of being more liked or admired or noticed or envied or feared or respected. NO! We want them to see us how the Father does.

When we refuse to look at our flesh-self and emotion-self, it frees us up to see others the way He does which allows us to help them come to salvation or come closer to being more like Jesus.
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