They Walk by FAITH, and Not by Sight


You will never “believe it” because you “have it”. Not in YHWH’s Realm! To the contrary: You will only “have it” because you BELIEVE IT! Not finding “peace” or “overcoming sin”—as desperately as you truly desire to do so? Then remember this, at those KEY MOMENTS when you are sorrrrrrrely tested: “Christ (the Anointed One) dwells in your heart THROUGH FAITH” and “THIS is the victory that overcomes the world—even our FAITH!” If you are truly Born a second time—you have truly bent your knee to Jesus and turned over the keys, “denied yourSelf” and embraced His Blood as your only hope of being Washed before our Father—that is the Genesis, the Beginning without which NOTHING else matters. But, having been yielded and still before Him, calling on the Name of the Lord, Yesu, Yeshua, Jesus the Son of God, and giving your life and hopes and dreams and decisions to Him, does that mean that vicious temptations and trials “go away” to test you no more? NO! Father “leaves giants in the Land” to TRAIN us for His Realm! We are (Hebrews 10) “MADE PERFECT (settled, by Faith in His Blood as the only Answer!) and BEING made Holy, Useful, Set Apart for the Master’s PURPOSES”. Temptations and trials do NOT disappear instantly, in most cases. Even our Pioneer Jesus was led away “by the Spirit” to be tempted by the devil after HIS Baptism. You and I WILL BE TEMPTED, and perhaps maliciously and painfully so!

So, what to do? Doubt His Blood as that which has cleansed us, apart from our works? NEVER! (Romans 8)

Give up and give in to the enemy, and let our flesh have its way? NEVER!!! (1John3)

Simply and persistently THIS: Know that HE is allowing this for your TRAINING in His Realm to be an “Overcomer” and learn to use the “weapons of His warfare” that are “not of this world” for the “tearing down of Strongholds” and obliterating the very “gates of Hell” itself. LEARN! Don’t fret or whine or submit to the dog trainer, satan. LEARN FATHER’S WAYS! Learn to be an Overcomer! Go and ponder what the Promises of God are for “Overcomers” in the Book of Revelation. WOW. Be there.

Practically speaking, KNOW this and EXECUTE when temptations and trials flood over you in ways that sometimes seem beyond belief: “You will never ‘HAVE’ it until you ‘BELIEVE’ it!” It doesn’t work the other way around in God’s Economy. For example, in a practical way. Look now at your hand, your arm, your legs, your torso. Do you FEEL like GOD lives inside of there? Certainly you DO NOT feel so brave and strong when you are under attack with waves of obsessions, or lust, or fear, or jealousy, or anger, or impatience, or other temptations or addictions. HOWEVER, if you are truly BORN A SECOND TIME, it is a fact: “CHRIST IN YOU, the HOPE OF GLORY!” Yesu, Jesus the Anointed One, the mighty conqueror of fear and sin and death HAS MADE HIS HOME INSIDE OF YOU! But, you don’t “feeeeeeel” that way? TOO BAD—GOD SAID IT IS TRUE! You don’t “feeeeeeeel” the fruits of the Spirit whelming up automatically to take away your pain and anguish and temptations? Yeah, okay, welcome to the Battlefield He has prepared for your training! You are “made perfect and BEING MADE USEFUL”. Hallelujah!!!

At those moments of deepest and darkest trial, KNOW this and embrace it and say it and act like it: “CHRIST DWELLS IN MY HEART *THROUGH FAITH*! I will understand and experience His Power and Life and Love when I BELIEVE He has done it in me ALREADY, because He Himself has “made His home in me.” It is FAITH in spite of what we “see” and “feel” or our “track record” that He is training us to embrace when circumstance and trials point an opposite direction! “THIS is the Victory that overcomes the world: even our FAITH!” You will never “have it” until you “believe it” fully and completely “without wavering, fully persuaded!” (Romans 4).

Ponder, and apply, “next chance you get”. : )

Look in the mirror, and look at your arms and hands and torso and face. What do you see, if you are Born a second time? You decide at those moments of testing. Any “failures” only mean that you have more to learn about how to walk in Faith and fellowship with the Spirit. “Made PERFECT, and BEING MADE useful.” What do you SEE when you look at your physical shell of a body? Those who are LEARNING to walk in Him and learn His weapons and tools have CHOSEN to see what HE said is true: “Christ IN you—the hope of GLORY!” “Christ (the Anointed One) dwells in our hearts THROUGH FAITH!!!”

Wow. Now we need to believe it WAY down deep inside, come what may. THIS is the victory that OVERCOMES the world: even our FAITH. Let’s together take up the Sword and live in HIS Ways, and just watch and see what He can do in those who truly love Him and are learning to function in His Realm. In HIS Realm, where so few trod because of unbelief or lack of endurance or lack of attention span, walking on water and raising the dead and overcoming sinful passions are simply part of our Training for learning to walk by Faith and not by sight. : )


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