The Worth and Effect of the Blood, in Practical Life


An excerpt…

Hurt feelings, anger, resentment, and desire to retaliate ARE OFTEN NO MORE THAN A REVELATION OF OUR DEEP PRIDE AND ARROGANCE. Arrogance, by definition, is high-mindedness and thinking more highly of ourselves than we should. Paul said there was no good thing in him except what was obtained for him by the Blood of Christ and Him crucified.

It is hard to be high-minded with a revelation and gratitude in our inner hearts of the Blood. The Blood bought our righteousness or right standing with God. The Blood defends us, protects us, provides for us, anoints us and delivers us; therefore, we don’t have to. A revelation of the Blood assists us greatly in making the transition from being led by our emotions or soul—to being led by the Spirit. “NOTHING but the Blood of Jesus.” (cs)

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