You are HIS "Artwork"


Hello “Chosen Ones”....... “No temptation has seized you, except that which is frequent in mankind.” You’re not alone. :)

Now, why would anyone “LONG for His Appearing” if we didn’t encounter this sort of pain? It’s okay. It will draw you deeper into Him, and purge and cleanse and equip you to be Useful to Him, IF you will Obey in the midst of your seasons of “seeing in the mirror dimly” and difficulty (1Peter:3-9, Jas.1:2-4, Heb.5:7-9, 12:4-12, John 15:1-2).

HE is completing what He began in you. YOU are HIS “artwork” and His “symphony” (Eph.2:10).

But, even so, this will NOT be “beyond what you can bear”. Right? We’re going to make it. His Hand is WAY too big to fall off of. :) 10:10 am
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