You Do You


speech bubble representing person 1 talking If you could be anybody else you happen to see walking down the street or in the store; if you could switch lives with them... Would you do it? Of course not! That’s craziness. No way.

What you see with those two little windows below your forehead and above your nose, you were Designed by God to see.

Just you.

You are exactly who God made you to be, with foibles, idiosyncrasies, temptations, skills and joys and unique qualities that no one else on earth has.

You were Designed to play a part today, this year, this decade, in your exact zip code, based on exactly who you are—and who you are capable of becoming by His grace! As a mother, as a father, as a friend, as a coworker, as a neighbor... You have exactly what you need for the opportunities God designed specifically for you today, right where you are. You are PERFECT.

THEREFORE? Jealousy and judgment are a fool’s errand. Of course.

Father sees you as PERFECT for the tasks and opportunities and lifetime he has put in front of you. And that is true for everyone else as well. It would be silly to even consider swapping with anyone.

Take care of what’s inside of your two little windows—and serve and love what is outside of your two windows. Father knows exactly what he’s given us, and what he anticipates us giving back. Do that well, and that will make Abba very happy. What else is there? :-)

You do you. Do that Well. For Him, and you will find you are doing it for yourself and those you love as well. ;)

speech bubble representing person 2 talking So many problems melt away with that attitude.

Life is not about striving to get what others have. Life is not about competing with anyone else. Life is about gratefully accepting the set of unique qualities we’ve been given and the circumstances we’ve been placed in and making the most of them in partnership with God and one another. Wow!
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