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As spoken extemporaneously from village to village

Transcripts from some Special Times in Africa, spoken extemporaneously from village to village. Some of the Answers to the tragic mess of cultural christendom lie within these pages. No gimmicks, but a Cross. Together.


  1. The Bride Made Ready
  2. Get Rid of the Walls
  3. One Aspect of What it Means to be a Priest
  4. Jesus is the Only "Boss"
  5. David Livingstone and Bread from Heaven
  6. God of Order and Ephesians 4
  7. A Foundation of Jesus
  8. House of God
  9. Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength
  10. Money: Giving in the Kingdom of God
  11. The Butterfly's Cocoon
  12. Intrusion into a Religious World
  13. Four Truths for a Foundation
  14. Breakthrough of Glory
  15. Five Chairs
  16. Being Filled With the Holy Spirit—TOGETHER!!!
  17. Anointing On All—Jesus is Family
  18. Baptism of Jesus
  19. Waiting on God in Our Lives
  20. "Goo-Goo Spirituality"
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