Breakthrough of Glory


October 3, 1999, Salima, Africa

If you were building a building or a house, you would need tools: a saw, hammer, nails, and maybe a trowel. It is also true in the House of God. There are certain tools that are helpful. Even though the true Church of Jesus doesn’t revolve around meetings, sometimes meetings are helpful as a tool. If we’re singing songs together in Jesus, there are things that you can learn about your brothers and sisters while you’re singing to Jesus. If you went before a chief or a magistrate in a community, and you were talking to him, and you were checking your watch and you were looking at your pockets or you were talking to others, the chief would not like this. If you were talking to him and then you would start to fall asleep or forget what you were saying or maybe just stop and not say anything for a while, then He would say to you, “Go away from my office until you mean business. When you are ready to pay attention to me, then you can come back. But you must leave until you’re ready to be serious.”

God is the same. When we’re singing to Jesus, if we’re really singing to Jesus, then our hearts will be connected. The look on your face, the focus of the eyes, the strength of speech, the ability to stay focused—these are all things that are a part of having a relationship with the King of Kings. So meetings have a value, and I’m going to give you a tool now. Meetings are only maybe 10 percent of our real life with Jesus. But it can be a clue of how we can help our brothers and sisters as priests. If the person sitting across from you while you are singing together is bored and not interested in singing, if they are just singing but you can tell it’s not coming from their heart because they are just saying the words, then you know that you need to help them. You need to find out what the trouble is. Singing isn’t about our personal entertainment. Singing is communication—singing to the King of Glory.

Or perhaps it’s speaking to one another songs, hymns and spiritual songs. If I was talking to Joshua and then I turn away or start looking up in the air, then there is something wrong with my relationship with him. So someone would come and help me to have a better relationship with him. So here’s a tool for helping to build God’s house. And building God’s house is, as Paul said, “Wrestling to present everyone complete or perfect in Christ.” As a priest or a priestess, you must wrestle to present everyone perfect or complete in Christ. That is your job in God’s house. Not to sit and listen, not just to sing, but the Bible says to “wrestle to present everyone perfect in Christ.” The Bible says, “See to it, brothers, that none of you have a sinful, unbelieving heart.

So here’s a tool to help you to do that. When you’re together and everyone is singing, now you can see each other’s faces, right? You use to only see the back of their heads. But now we’re family and we can see each other. If I’m singing a song to you, I can look at you and smile and sing that song to you as if I were talking to you. If I’m singing a song to Jesus, I can look at Him with my heart and I can sing to Him as if I’m speaking to someone, which I am. If we’re singing and I’m not interested, I’m just hanging my head and not paying attention and just wriggling around—then you need to ask me what is happening with my relationship to God. Obviously, there’s some problem with my relationship with Jesus if I’m distracted when I’m speaking to Him.

The Bible says that true Christians, like newborn babies, crave the pure spiritual milk of the Word. True Christians crave to have a relationship with Jesus like a baby craves milk. Jesus said that to be truly one with Him, the zeal for the Father’s House would consume us like fire consumes a log. We each have a fire in our bones that can’t be quenched. And if you see someone that is a wet log, and the fire is not burning, just smoke, then you need to help them.

One of the tools for helping to build God’s House, that we’ll give you right now as a tool, is that as we’re lifting our hearts to God, if you see people that are just bored or distracted or don’t really seem to care or be excited about Jesus—then think about it and pray for them. Perhaps go to their house later on in the day. Ask them how they’re feeling, and ask them what they are thinking. Say, “I noticed that you were distracted and you weren’t really expressing love to Jesus. You were just not really putting your heart into it. And I wonder if you are very sad about something. What is on your mind that seems to be more important than Jesus to you? Have you been spending good time with Jesus in your prayer closet? Or have you just been attending meetings only and your relationship with Him is gone?” So this is one of the ways you can help each other to grow in Jesus and to pay attention to other people when we’re together in one place. This is one of the ways that we are a priesthood rather than just attenders.

What Evil Men Say

There was a very evil man one day, named Cain. Do you remember Cain, Adam’s son? He was very evil. One of the things he said was, “I’m not my brother’s keeper.” Evil men always say that. We are our brother’s keeper. We love one another deeply from the heart. We wrestle to present one another perfect or complete in Christ. We’re in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in each of our brothers and sisters. This is what Paul said about his brothers. This is what we say to you. That’s why we have come all the way around the world to tell you these things. We’re in the pains of childbirth until Christ is fully formed in you. We’ve come to wrestle to present you perfect in Christ. And you must do that for one another too. Wrestle to present one another perfect in Christ. It is not you and just your personal relationship with God. We being many are one, the Bible says. If your finger has a sickness or an infection, you start to get a headache, you start to get a fever—your whole body starts to hurt. It is also true in the Body of Christ. If one of us is hurting spiritually, we are all affected by that spiritually. We are our brothers’ keeper. And if you see someone that is having problems with their relationship with God in worship or child rearing or any other way, we must help each other. We being many are ONE. We are members of one another. It’s not just me and my relationship with God, and then everybody else. We are together ONE. Across the miles, across the ages. We are one, and we need each other. And we love to help each other grow.

So, a tool in your hand in building God’s House is to pay attention to each other when we’re all together in one place. And if you’re seeing someone who is not plugging into God and plugging into others (they are just here taking up space), and they’re distracted, then you need to get into their life and into their home and take them by the hand and help them to love Jesus more. You are your brother’s keeper. We must help each other. Pay attention to each other.

When we sang that last song did you connect with God’s heart and force your heart to connect with God’s heart? And did you look around to see if there were some here that are suffering? Some that might be bored? Some that might be in rebellion against God and need some serious healing? Some that are weak and just don’t pay attention well? There’s probably a little bit of each of those things here. Because we’ve been roped to that for so long, we haven’t paid attention to those things. It’s time now that we begin to all grow up and take responsibility in God’s House. It’s on all of our shoulders together to serve the purposes of God in our generation. Amen?

While it’s true that these things can cause divisions sometimes, it can tend to expose things on the inside of us that were hidden while we were dancing and worshipping. Some people love the light and some people hate the light. So living this way will create a division because some love the light and some hate the light. Jesus said I didn’t come to bring peace but a sword. Sometimes It’ll even divide family members from each other.

The Good News

We already have way too much division. You walk up the street in that direction, you see all kinds of division—Church of Christ, Nazarene, Lutheran, Catholic. There’s already way too much division. But, here’s the Good News. If you live as the Kingdom of God rather than just one denomination, if you represent Jesus rather than a denomination, if you help other people to love Jesus more to get away from sin, and be friends to the Baptists, Lutherans and all these others, everyone will begin to put away their labels. What will happen in this city of Salima? As everyone comes to understand these revelations and obey them, up and down the street, there will still be divisions. But the divisions will be between those that want to love and obey Jesus and those that don’t want to love and obey Jesus, instead of all these foolish labels that we have now. Division will be over love and obedience and not over traditions. And Jesus will have a testimony in this city of a oneness that has never been seen before. This is why it is so important that you build the way that we spoke of today. Reach your lives into these other believers in this city and help them to build this way, too. If you do this there will be no more division about names anymore. Only division over those that want to love and obey Him and those that just want to play “religion.” Is this Good News?

If we learn to live this way, peoples’ lives will change. People will actually look more like Jesus. There will be someone that you care for very much and you and others together will be wrestling to present that person perfect in Christ. You will see that person making decisions to obey and see a transformation in that person’s heart. Do you know what you’ll do then when you are together with your brothers and sisters? You’ll sing loud because you’ll be praising God for what He has done. You won’t be thinking, “Well, I better sing loud, I’m a Pentecostal.” You’ll be thinking, “Jesus has done great things. I want to praise Him!” What we are talking about today—just how people’s lives will change, how Jesus will come on His people—that’s something to sing about! That’s something to praise God about!

Satan will be crushed out of our lives and that’s something to praise God about, too!

I have to say that when we began to walk in some of these things fifteen years ago, it was quite frightening and quite challenging. Does this frighten anyone?

You are more courageous than I was then, because it was difficult for me at first. But after fifteen years, and thousands of people around the world that are beginning to walk in these things now, it is quite exciting and the fear is gone. So God will protect you and give you wisdom and love as you go forward in these things. He will truly supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. It will be okay. He’ll be a Father to us. He will be a Teacher and the Lover of our souls. And we’ll make it through the hard times together. Jesus will get the victory. He’ll get the victory all down the street and through this whole city. He’ll get the victory inside of our hearts where the fear, selfishness and pride live. He’ll wash us clean and make us full and free in ways that are more than we can ask for or imagine. These things are true and you’ll experience them if you’ll open your hearts and go forward.

When Joshua went into that Promised Land, God had to say to him, “Don’t be afraid.” And when the priests went first across that river, it was a little difficult for them. The Bible said they had never gone this way before. And God said, “It’s okay, I will be with you.” And these things are true for you too, not only in this assembly, but all through the streets and other assemblies and all through the city. God will be with you when you go forward with His Word. Be thou strong and courageous! God said, “As I was with Moses, as I was with you in your past, so shall I be with you as you go forward. Be not afraid!”

much later after several saints share from their hearts....

Brothers and sisters...Have you seen what has happened here today? We’re beginning to see a Kingdom of priests. When revelation comes to the second, the first one sits down. And when revelation comes to the third and the fourth....!! (cheering)
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