Apply His Truths to Everything


Hi. (This note is to help continue to clarify this cool opportunity to learn more of God’s Ways. There is no difference, living in Him, between the spiritual and the educational and the family and the vocational “sides” of our lives. Let’s apply what we’ve learned about the Way God Lives in what we’ve called the “spiritual side” of our lives—to everything else as well!)

On the subject of our learning together of our Father’s world (“education”), keep in mind a couple of thoughts that we have all learned in the so-called “spiritual side” of our lives...they apply as well to things called “math” (a way to describe the orderliness of our Creator-Father and the issues of life using numbers), and “science” (understanding a bit of the immense genius of our God in how He put together this universe and the temporary and breakable “laws” that govern it), and “literature” (the crafting of words to paint pictures and communicate matters of feeling and heart and the abstract, etc). Think how these things work themselves out in the church day by day and week and year, and you’ll grow in insight as to how to live them out as they relate to “learning” with our lambs. Just to reinforce some previous messages and discussions...Apply these Truths to “learning situations” also...

“Consider how each of you might spur one another on, and don’t forsake the gathering of yourselves together.”

“When you come together, each of you has a word of instruction...” You will likely be together often, though not likely in the same time and place each time. No one person will dominate, or “run the show,” but likely gifts and maturity and understanding will provide order “from within” (not from “out front”). At any given time, the anointing that drives the discoveries (as “everyone comes with a word of instruction” regarding the thoughts and ideas and events and principles that we had thought to discuss this particular time we are together) and discussion could come from ANYONE present (the priesthood). No clergy. Certainly gifts, and maturity, and Life driving the times, with each one responsible.

Obviously this is not just about word games, though it is tempting to look at it that way as we are yet babes in understanding. Some are SURE that it is just a word game to not call something “a worship service” and a person “the pastor” or even “reverend.” But, as you know, the words are the highway to Life and death. It DOES matter how we describe things and how we think of them. “From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

More at another time, I’m sure. Greetings from the saints here on the other side of the ocean : ) Love in Christ Jesus,
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