Stand Amazed


a late night thought:

The following alpha-numeric page from the other night reminded me how I LONG to SEE LIFE from Jesus’ eyes and perspectives and I long to be LIKE HIM in the way that He was/is among people. I want to SEE for myself and impart to the children (and others) the kind of eyes that SEE HIS KINGDOM, from the marvels of mathematics and gravity, to the mysteries of Christ in us—the Hope of Glory. Love, Renee

One of the reasons Jesus called God’s Order and Reign “the KINGDOM of God” is that it is SO much more than a certain lifestyle different than the world’s or “believing certain things.” Consider, before sleeping (a miracle in itself!) the marvels of this VERY interesting planet and System. WHAT exactly IS “life”? What is the essence of a tree that makes it ALIVE, instead of just a piece of wood? Stand amazed at the issues of time and space and color and music and mathematics and eternity. What is gravity? ENJOY! Let’s not be dull dodo birds and get caught up in our tiny little space and miniscule issues and thoughts...and MISS...The KINGDOM OF OUR GOD AND HIS CHRIST!!!!!!!! We’re part owners, you know! DOMINION. GREATER WORKS THAN THESE SHALL YOU DO! Enjoy. Marvel. Worship.
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