Help Us, Father


“Holy Father, you’ve got a Son, His name is Jesus, and in Him we see the whole entirety of your wisdom and your revelation for mankind. We see that everything was created by Him and for Him, and in Him all things consist. In Jesus, your firstborn, we see the radiance of your Glory, the exact representation, the visible image of You, an invisible God. He was seen, He was visible, we could see Him and touch Him and feel Him as John said. And so we ask you to help us learn from your relationship with your Son Jesus how we might have our hearts turned towards the sons and daughters and their hearts turned towards us. We ask that we might bring them to a place where their time’s not wasted and your time is not wasted, that we might pass that torch on in full stride, at full speed, to a new generation that will usher in the return of your Son Jesus Christ and the Second Coming. Father, we pray, we beg you to help us with these things. We don’t want to make mistakes. We thank you for the grace that you’ve given us, that your Father-heart covers us just as we cover our children and their mistakes. We love and protect and trust and hope as you do for us. We thank you for that...

But yet, Father, we don’t want to waste your time; we don’t want to birth Ishmaels that will persecute the children born in the Spirit. We want to keep the household clean and fresh and alive, and we want to walk with you and not do anything that we don’t see you doing. We don’t want to do anything apart from you that will hinder your purposes ultimately in our lives or the lives of our children. We know that sin must come, curses on those through whom it comes. Help us Father not to ignorantly, carelessly, mindlessly, or selfishly hurt our children or the children of our brothers and sisters. Help us Father to have wisdom in all these things and we pray for your Grace and your gift of Life to be able to impart the truth of your Word and the testimony of your Son Jesus as our Hope, as an anchor for our soul, as the place where there is no condemnation. Help us Father in these things. We’re thankful that you’re committed to that and you’ve given us this light, and you never give us light without the desire in your heart to make that flesh within us. So we thank you for this seed and ask that the harvest would be plentiful as we hear the Word and retain it and persevere in it. Father, produce a crop in us. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.”
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