10 The Plumb Line

True Foundations

Ever wonder why 98% of the Christian assemblies, whether non-denominational, denominational, or 'house churches'... are often wracked with confusion, disharmony, shallowness, heart-breaking leaven, and domineering men (or women) who have no clue--not to mention a revolving door after the 'honeymoon' period is over? What does it look like when we let JESUS build HIS church, instead of building one 'for' Him?


  1. Apostolic Foundations and Apostolic Patterns
  2. Three Units of Corporate Christian Life
  3. Do Apostles Really Exist Today?
  4. What Good Are They, Anyway?
  5. What They Are... And What They Ain’t!
  6. Unmerited, Sovereignly-Distributed Gifts
  7. Territories: The Apostolic Wedge
  8. Christ Circulates Among the Lampstands
  9. The Cost of Going All the Way With God
  10. Do We Need "Church Planters"?
  11. Foundational Gifts: Organic vs. Organizational Authority
  12. Equipping vs. Edifying vs. Intimacy?
  13. 4,000 Gifts? No... FORTY THOUSAND GIFTS!
  14. Discern His Body: A Window Into Life and Blessing
  15. Gifts and the Authority of the Body


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