4,000 Gifts? No... FORTY THOUSAND GIFTS!


Thursday Night, April 18, 2002

You wrote, “The ‘five’ or ‘four’ Gifts in Ephesians 4 are supernaturally Enabled with Insights that they did not ‘study’ or ‘aspire’ to, but were Given to them. Why? According to Ephesians 4, to help everyone else to function in the other 4000 (or so) Gifts that Jesus has, Jesus is, and Jesus has bestowed upon Himself (His Body).”

What are you referring to regarding “4000 Gifts”? Can you help me understand? I am not seeing what you mean, so far.


Hi… Pretty simple, really. How many things does GOD do well?

Those who had met Jesus said of Him, “This Man does ALL things well!”

What are YOU gifted in, from a natural vantage point? A few things, no doubt?! : ) And your personality qualities—your preferences, your communication skills, your manner of presenting yourself? All that you are—how much IS that??!! Put a number on it. An exact number. Ha!

Jesus deposited all of Himself in the Body of Christ—and we now “fill everything in every way.” That IS the person of the Body of Christ—that we are “many members” of HIM!

How many “Gifts” did JESUS have? How many “Gifts” does God have??!!

Therefore, can one actually get out a solar calculator and figure out from reading Bible verses “how many Gifts there are supposed to be”—when all of Christ’s Giftedness, in the “manifold Wisdom of God,” has been poured out upon Christ’s Body? What a SILLY thought to think there are “nine” of this kind of Gift, and “four” of that kind of gift!

Four thousand is an “abstract” representation of the fullness of deity dwelling in the man Christ Jesus, and poured out on His Body, “which fills everything in every way.”

Hope you can follow that. As I said, it wasn’t meant to be rocket science, just a “Picture” of the unbelievable Majesty of Jesus, and what He has done in us.

“CHRIST in you, all-together—the hope of GLORY!” “RIGHT NOW—THROUGH THE CHURCH—the many-faceted Wisdom of God is made known, even to the principalities and powers!”


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