Family... Reward From Him


Wednesday Morning, March 14, 2001

I had this thought today, that when Jesus said, “If you receive a prophet as a prophet, you receive a prophet’s reward…” (Mat. 10:41), He was telling us that the ability of a Thing to come into our lives and bless us was dependent upon how we receive that Thing. It’s not even dependent so much on who we are or what we have in ourselves—because much of that is in His hands alone. But what HE’S after is whether we acknowledge its Source, and therefore give it honor and priority in our hearts, and submit and envelop ourselves in what is His.

HOW we respond to His Things would determine whether or not it could affect us in a Supernatural way, rather than just lifeless information or the stagnant passing of time. And I thought how True for this incredible Inheritance: “If you receive a Family, as a Family, you receive the Reward of [having] a Family!!!!!!!” The degree to which we recognize and receive each other in “consciousness of God” (as Peter put it)—the Christ-in-you in each other, as our kinsmen and clan and nationality and history and future and Building Block of Oneness—the degree to which we see that in each other and our times together, that is what determines the degree to which we HAVE that Rock of security and solidarity. That would be the unseen Place where He can pour out the oil of His Life to refresh our hearts simply because we are Together, in His Name, in His Vision, in Him and in “one another.” This is what we have experienced, if I can try to put words on it.

We can be more than “mere humans” trying to overcome loneliness or burdens…rather, we can be Children sharing together our inheritance of LIFE, so that He can Touch us. If we receive His Family (to follow Jesus’ Thought about RECEIVING a Prophet, or anything that HE has sent), rather than second-guess, lord it over, live in suspicion or pride or independence—only THEN can He Fill us with the REWARD of a Family—because we See it and participate in it at that level! “IF…THEN…a HUNDRED mothers, brothers, sisters, lands, possessions—and LIFE that always was and always will be.” “If you receive a Family, as a Family, you will receive the reward of a Family.” : )
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