I've Heard About a People


I’ve heard about a people

God said they’d be around

And I really want to meet them

To share in what they’ve found

I hear that they don’t “go to church”

Their thrill is something greater

They really love to BE His Church

The bride of their Creator!

These people don’t describe themselves

With some subdividing name

To be His, and His alone

Is all they ever claim

No priest (by any other name)

Is there to run the show

But as brothers, family, all together

Each daily shares Who they know.

Between “the world” and “things of God”

Their love and life are not divided

All their time and goods are His to use

In the opportunities He’s provided

Daily life with one another

Full of the richness of shadowless Light

Is not just for a “committed nucleus”

But they ALL love Him, with all their might!

None of them are “perfect”

And all will make mistakes

But because of daily, mutual Life

He strengthens the weak, He shows the fakes

Their Lord’s return is not a point

On which they argue and divide

But in hushed tones of anticipation

They share a deep longing that they can’t hide

That human cry of “Why?” and “How?”

Has been stilled within their soul

By the awesome presence of the great I Am

And the words “In Him you are whole.”

Heaven holds for them one special treasure

Not health and wealth from the well-known story

But the seeing of their Lord and Savior

No veil to dim His glory!

His Church will not just “happen”

Time and Place? He Alone decides

Only He can plant a Lampstand

Where He circulates, and confides

He gives the Gifts to build His Home

Architectural gifts, local gifts, and you

And while “two or three” delight His heart

A Hilltop CITY is His due!

I’ve Heard about these People

But, should we chase around?

If we really want to know them

Watch JESUS free the bound!

He wants to have a People

Where He is DAILY crowned!

And in His Grace they may be BUILT

Instead of simply found!

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