03 The Scales

Holding to God's Standard

To understand our world and our place in it, we must make sure that our definitions are defined by GOD rather than culture, convenience, or sympathy. What IS a Christian? A Church? A Leader?


  1. True Hope for a New Millennium
  2. Get the Real Thing!
  3. "Community"?? "House Church"?? OR, is there still HIGHER GROUND?
  4. Organic Leadership... JESUS' HEADSHIP!
  5. IF HE is Truly Head of His Church
  6. Four Truths for a Foundation
  7. Five Chairs
  8. Being Filled With the Holy Spirit—TOGETHER!!!
  9. Get Rid of the Walls
  10. One Aspect of What it Means to be a Priest
  11. Jesus is the Only "Boss"
  12. David Livingstone and Bread from Heaven
  13. God of Order and Ephesians 4
  14. A Foundation of Jesus
  15. House of God
  16. Spiritual Caste System?
  17. Using Old Testament Circumstances to Build Today?
  18. A Few "Leadership" Thoughts...
  19. Family... Reward From Him
  20. I've Heard About a People
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