Your Calling is NO ACCIDENT!


Monday Morning, November 5, 2001

Over the years, the prodigious leader Vince Lombardi was often overheard telling his players, “You were chosen to be a Green Bay Packer.”

How much more could that motivate us, if we stopped to ponder—to realize—that the Father of Lights chose us to be washed in the blood of his own Son, filled with the Spirit of His Son, and merged and melted into the Family of His Son!

He chose us! We were personally selected, hand-picked by the all-Knowing Creator of the Galaxies, to be His sons and daughters—and co-workers and teammates—to bring satan to his knees and final defeat!

How much confidence should that inspire in you, in your workplace and neighborhood??!! You were chosen to be on this team—it was no accident! Take courage in that, and GO FOR IT! No fear. No regret. No backing off. No hesitation! You were CHOSEN to be on this Team, and in this Family! And Father knows what He is doing! : )

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