05 The Sickle

Clearing the Land and Harvesting Change

Do you want to live a Rich, Full, Overflowing, Abundant Life? Is the Life and the Light of Jesus shining through you to the extent that it convicts people who are walking in darkness and warms the hearts of those who are walking in the light? Unlimited Potential and Opportunity await you! For HIS sake, let's grab hold of our destiny!


  1. The Same-Yesterday, Today, Forever!
  2. How to Have a Rich, Full, Overflowing LIFE!!
  3. The Real World
  4. What is in our Soul and Spirit?
  5. Holiness!! What is THAT?! :)
  6. Pinocchio's Realm
  7. Prophetic Warning: JESUS... ALONE!
  8. Obedience—'On Earth as it is in Heaven!'
  9. Train Your "Soldiers"!!
  10. Busting Strongholds
  11. Words are Creative
  12. Anatomy of a Spiritual Suicide
  13. Addictions, Strongholds-Versus the Power and Wisdom of Our God and His Christ
  14. Nobody!
  15. You Can Overcome! Find Those Keys!
  16. Excerpt From "Jesus In His Fullness"
  17. Your Calling is NO ACCIDENT!


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