Holy Spirit Baptism Response


Oh, just felt the Father wanted me to mention one more thing, about a subject that I know is important to you.

Since the question is in the picture here to whatever extent, regarding “the Baptism,” I just wanted to echo Paul. “I praise God that I speak in tongues more than you all!”

And yet, because JESUS is the issue, not externals demanded by a wicked and adulteress generation, we primarily cherish the Reality of “The LIFE becomes the Light of men.” And, we’ve seen God bless this direction by Confirming His Word a thousand times over. By its Fruit, you know? Leaven-filled compromised weak daily expressions (individually or corporately) don’t know the Baptism of JESUS. It would have to be a different baptism they have had—if it bears that kind of fruit. I know you’d agree, from what we’ve discussed together.

I thought I should mention that you’ve met women (and their children) when you were here that were medically and impossibly BARREN, and God healed them before our very eyes. We have laid hands on oozing boils and diseases in other countries, and have heard of their healings. We’ve experienced kidneys healed, marriages healed, 20 year old very severe allergies healed in a single day (never to return, now 10 years later), ligaments and bones “impossibly” healed and 1000 other things such as these far too numerous to mention. (Those were just the ones that jumped into my mind without trying to remember more.) We’ve seen lives changed forever by the Grace and Wisdom of God.

Just didn’t want you to think that the fact that we “play dumb” and will not allow attention to be diverted from the LIFE that becomes Light, means that we don’t enjoy the Full Gospel. Simply knowing it by its Fruit (in the religious world that likes to speak of “the Baptism” but lives in a Christ-less poverty in most of their daily lives) is plenty of indication to us that we just can’t take the more commonly trodden path! I want to suggest that “the Baptism” is NOT what much of the Pentecostal world thinks it is. The POWER and LIFE WITHIN to LOOK LIKE JESUS and DO HIS WORK, BY HIS SPIRIT and GRACE and WISDOM and GIFTS, TO CHANGE LIVES TO LOVE HIM FOREVER… “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!” Yes, Gifts. But, they are counterfeits if they don’t bring HIM to the forefront, and become “things” in themselves as some sort of “test.” THAT is forever rejected by God. Not His style, or His Word. : )

Hope that clarifies a bit……..

Love in His Saving Blood, m

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