Hornets in the Flower Box


I was sitting in front of my abode this morning, reading and praying, and received just a little Light about “human” nature, and Love.

I looked up once, just as a hornet flew by my face on the way to revisiting some flowers in a nearby flower box. My first reaction was, of course, to want to reach up and swat at it, to protect myself. And then the thought came upon me, exposing the natural tendency of fallen and fearful man: “do you have to crush anything that might ‘HURT’ you?”

The “instinct” to swat at what i couldn’t predict, that which had the potential to “hurt” me was very sudden and strong. But, isn’t Love like that—always a risk of getting “hurt”? And, isn’t Following the real Jesus (not the cultural and lifeless one) like that, too? “Take up your cross” is an invitation to willingly suffer. Isn’t giving your life away to other Saints, and living true daily Life in a real church an opportunity to sacrifice and hurt and risk, as well?

The chance, and even likelihood of “hurt” is there in every instance of Real Life and Real Love. Maybe we, like Jesus, should risk the chance of getting “stung” or “hurt”—for the sake of what we might behold if we don’t raise our hand to protect ourselves. Perhaps the unpredictable and “dangerous” (oooo, ooooo!) isn’t as bad as the guaranteed poverty of those who avoid all such risk.

Perhaps, the road less traveled is where the Good Stuff is? Life and Love and Wisdom are such rare commodities that MAYBE, if we desire these Jewels of the Son of God, we shouldn’t live and think and “protect ourselves” like the suffering mass of human flesh always does. Maybe we can sit in the flowers, and just enjoy the marvel and genius of the beautiful flight of our “hornet”—as she seeks to live and find her flowers, too.

“Does everything that MIGHT hurt you need to be avoided, or crushed?”

Maybe not. : )

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