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So, desires for other things is an enemy. In other words, I desire it, I desire it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I desire it, it’s what I want -- I, I, I. That is an enemy. When you find yourself saying I desire, I desire, I desire. If the end of that sentence isn’t God, God, God, then you’re making a mistake. You’re trashing your life a little bit at a time the way he said.

“But all I want do is…” and “That’s not so bad…” Well, that’s the point he’s making in here. If your desire is for anything other than God, then you are trashing your life a little bit at a time. A tiny bit of I desire, I desire, I want, I want – if you’re thinking that thought and you don’t push that thought aside and become conscious of God, you’re making a mistake. You’re giving away part of your soul to the enemy. “I desire” -- that phrase right there makes you an enemy of God. Or the enemy of God steals your heart in that environment, in that thought process you’re giving away your heart to the devil.

If I asked, “Does anybody here want to worship the devil?” Do you think anybody would say “Yes”? Does anybody here want to worship the devil? What a dumb idea. He’s a murderer, he’s hateful, he’s disgusting, he’s filthy, he stinks! He’s terrible, he hates you, he wants to rob you, steal you, hurt you, he wants to torment you. He’s in hell forever, and he wants you to suffer just like he is going to suffer and is suffering. He wants that for you. Now what kind of friend is that? He wants you to suffer for a million years and hurt and ache and scream in torment. That’s what the devil wants for you.

“I think I’ll worship him.” Well that’s a dumb idea – right? No one would say, “I want to do that.” But what we need to realize is, that if I say, “I desire, I desire, I just want to do this, I just want that. I just don’t like this, I, I, I, I, I…” What you are doing is you’re giving your life to the devil according to Jesus who knows what He is talking about. Desires for other things is an enemy and we need to push that aside.

When you feel yourself going, “I want, I want, I don’t want, I don’t want, I, I, I.” When you find yourself doing that, you’re going to have to make the decision to say, “I want to be conscious of You, God,” and push that thought aside and find out what pleases Him. As Paul said, “We make it our goal to please God.” It’s our goal to please Him, not to please ourselves. What do You desire? That’s what I want. And maybe what He desires for you is something that’s nice for you. That’s fine. But that’s His decision. He’s a good Father. He loves to give good gifts to His children. Unlike the devil who wants to fool you, and lie to you, and trick you, and then kill you, God actually does want to do good things for you.

So, to let Him make those decisions for us and let Him decide a path for us, that’s not only pleasurable and peaceful, but it’s also safe. That makes a lot of sense, because everything that’s pleasurable is not safe. So, to let Him make those decisions makes a lot a lot a lot of sense. In order to ever get there though, you have got to decide to be conscious of God. And every time you hear yourself saying or feeling, “I desire, I want, why can’t I, why do I always have to…” When you hear that “I” word in your heart, you’re going to have to decide to say, “NO.” All I want to know is, “How do I please God? That’s my goal. How do I please God?

You may not even know the answer to that, but just the process of softening your heart and presenting your life, your body as a living sacrifice as your spiritual worship. Just that process of softening your heart and being conscious of God sets you up in a place where He can bless you, protect you, fulfill you, set a course for your life, and set a course for other people to intersect with your life, to bring gifts into your life and people and relationships that will just make your life a wonderful place to be, a beautiful garden.

But when you take over, that’s when great danger comes. Because God said, when you take over, that’s selling something to the devil. That’s not just about you. That’s about the devil when you say “I, I, I, I want, I desire…” That’s not just about you. This isn’t about you. This is about God or the devil. And you’re going to end up one place or the other. There is no “you” in this picture really. In the end, you don’t get your own place. There is only two. There is a place with God and a place with the devil.

There isn’t a place for just Gay, or just Dawn, or just Rachel and “I have my own personal place.” There is no such thing in this universe. You’re either living for God, or you’re living for the devil. There is no personal place for Monica, or Karen, or Keith, or Doug. There is no personal place for Steve, or John, or Andy. It’s either for God or it’s for the devil. And you’re going to decide whether you say I, I, I which takes you toward the devil, or you’re going to say, “God, what do You want. I’m open to that, whatever You want. I lay these temptations, I lay these gifts at the alter for You, because I’m conscious of You, and I want You to direct my steps. I want to offer that to You -- whatever that means. I’ll be who You want me to be. I’ll go where You want me to go. I’ll do what You want me do. Any personal cost is fine.” That sort of attitude is offering our body as a living sacrifice which is our spiritual worship as God said.

So, young or old, if you’re 5 or 55, these things are all very much a part of the essence of what being a follower of Jesus is. It’s as simple as desire for other things takes us towards the devil. And desire for God against our own personal desires, letting Him decide how He will bless us, rather than being gods to bless ourselves. That whole issue determines our future, determines the next billion years. Soften our hearts, make the conscious decision to be conscious of God and allow Him to direct our steps. It’s just a very simple matter. So if you re-read this, view it through those eyes, and you’ll see how much sense this all makes.

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